How would you express your support for potatoes
Subtle but proud
From the archive of Ana Núñez Rodríguez
As full blown 'potatriot'
Anonymous (Ca. 1917-1918). Potatoes in Iowa become 'the Newest Fighting Corps'' on the Domestic Front [Photographic Print]. US National Archives Catalog, Washington, D.C.

Over time, potatoes have also become sources of national pride. Believe it or not, during the First World War, potatoes were dressed as tiny soldiers and named “Potatriots” in an attempt to stimulate US citizens to transform their wheat-based diet. Wheat had to be reserved for soldiers.

Another contemporary example is the Ceramic Potato, designed by Chinese artist Ni Haifeng. This potato-shaped ‘Delfs Blue’ has been gifted to new citizens as a symbol of their integration to Dutch society.