How would you protect your precious potato
Create the first potato fertilizer:
Peruvian Guano
Anonymous (ca.1880) Soluble Pacific Guano [Printed Advertisement]. 99 Percent Invisible.
Create the first potato pesticide
mixed with Arsenic
Actep Burstov (n.d.) Archive image from page 62 of Descriptive catalogue of high grade. Descriptive catalogue of high grade seeds fruit trees nursery stock and flowers [Digital Photograph], Alamy Stock Photo

After the death and suffering caused by the potato disease in the 19th century, many thought it was essential to stimulate potato growth while protecting the crops from pests and disease. This is precisely how the first potato fertilizer and pesticide came to be! Made out of seabird and bat poop as well as a mix of lead and arsenate, these products were embraced by many farmers.

Digging up your potato...