Ever thought of what a potato can tell you about yourself?
Start digging and find your unique potato!
Pick up this potato…
picture of a potato on transparent background. image via rawpixel.com

[How to play]
In this game, there are four different potato characters. You can find which one relates to you by responding to a specific set of questions. For each question, choose one of the two answers that speak to you the most. In the process you will learn more about the potato’s rich social history and understand how it relates to your daily life and interests.

What do you actually know about this root?
This modest and adaptable tuber may not be the prettiest of the bunch.
Yet it has rooted itself in many different diets, languages and cultures around the world.
Without a doubt we can say that our lives have been crossed by potatoes and they have played an important role shaping our personal and collective identity.

This game is part of the Cooking Potato Stories exhibition by Ana Núñez Rodríguez at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. In this body of work, Núñez Rodríguez traces the trajectory of the potato across the world with the goal of ‘unearthing’ the myths, memories, verbal and visual anecdotes that make up the history of the potato. The exhibition will be on display at Foam until 10 jul 2022.